Thursday, April 5, 2007

Third International Youth Tele-Satsang

With blessings of His Holiness Satguru Baba Hardev Singh Ji Maharaj,
Third International Youth Tele-Satsang

was held on Saturday April 7, 2007, on the topic Role of youth in spreading Babaji's message in Western Countries. Rev. Sandeep Khinda ji - India, Rev. Roop Bhumbra Ji - UK, Rev. Dr. I. S. Rai ji - Vice President, SNM - USA and Rev. Gurpreet Bhatia Ji - UK addressed the tele-satsang. Many young devotees along with senior saints from various countries participated.

Audio recording :
. Speakers - Part I
. Speakers - Part II
. Open Discussion

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The Third International Tele-Satsang was attended by over 100 devotees worldwide. The subject of the Satsang was the role of the youth in spreading the message of Baba Hardev Singh Ji Maharaj across the western world. Devotees from the US, Canada, Italy, UK, India, Australia all joined into this high-tech Satsang forum. Many devotees gathered together at Bhawans and homes and tuned in together.

The agenda for the Satsang included speakers, Sandeep Khinda from India who shared a message of His Holiness Baba Ji for the youth, sister Roop Bhumbra who talked about the recent Rise and Awake CD project and Dr I.S Rai of the USA who gave much knowledge on the matter of Nirankari Literature and its improvement for the benefit of the western communities. The Satsang moderator/chair was Gurpreet Bhatia of UK.

It was an enthralling experience and there was a great deal of talk and discussion about the vision of His Holiness Baba Ji as well as what the youth have been achieving in the Western countries. There was participation from many senior devotees of the mission who gave their valuable insights into the work of their respective branches which was truly inspiring. Respected Harlavleen Bajwa told the Satsang of a University initiative where a person was to travel to India and understand the role of Women within Nirankari Society. This project was commissioned by the University of Michigan and on her return the paper was to be published. Further events were notified to all the congregants including a Youth Camp which was being held in Washington DC in the in July, this year. Devotees further talked of how the mission was giving awareness through the charitable and social initiatives carried out by many branches. It was felt that the forum would be an educational and great learning opportunity which indeed it has become.

With the grace of His Holiness Nirankari Baba Ji this successful initiative will continue to deliver fruit to the youth and encourage them to actively participate in bringing the message of Baba ji to the western communities.