Monday, July 2, 2007

Fourth International Youth Tele-Satsang

With blessings of His Holiness Satguru Baba Hardev Singh Ji Maharaj,
Fourth International Youth Tele-Satsang

was held on Saturday June 30, 2007, on the topic Role of interfaith dailogue in spreading Baba Ji's message in Western countries / experience of the English samagam culture.

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Part I (Rev. J.D.Sharma Ji, Rev. Upashak Ji)

Part II (Rev. Shalu Keswani Ji, Rev. David Dhanoa Ji, Rev. Baljit Kamal Ji, Rev. Jagjit Khambe Ji)

Part III (Rev. Dave Lashar Ji, Rev. Dr. Bobby Sura Ji, Rev. Anjana Nayyar Ji, Simran)

With the grace of the Almighty Formless, Nirankar, the Fourth International Nirankari Tele-Satsang was organised on the 30th June 2007, in which the subject of discussion was the work of the Nirankari Mission relating to the interfaith dialogue together with the English Samagam Culture to promote the message of Baba Ji. The Satsang was attended by members of the Mission from all over the world spanning from the America’s, Europe, South East Asia, Australasia, India etc... As there was a South Asia Samagam was being held in Jakarta, Indonesia many devotees tuned in after the conclusion of the Samagam there.

There was a tremendous spirit and harmony which flowed through the Satsang despite the organisers facing a number of technical problems as can be appreciated. The Stage Secretary Dave Lashar of the Toronto Branch (Canada) introduced all the speakers and welcomed all devotees taking part. The Satsang was commenced by the wise words of JD Sharma Ji of India who talked about the initiatives that have been taking place in there i.e seminars on peaceful-coexistence, prosperity and spirituality under the guidance of Baba Ji. The work of the Mission in unison with Multi Faith dialogues, was continued by HS Upashak Ji of the UK who shared his thoughts on how Baba ji has changed his vision and allowed him to work for Universal Brotherhood. He mentioned how with the grace of Baba ji he was instrumental in arranging Diwali celebrations in a local Mosque really putting into practice the spirit of peaceful co-existence and Universal Brotherhood promoted by the Mission.

The Satsang continued on this subject with a concise report by Shalu Keswani ji of the work of the Houston Branch, who arranged an Inter-faith meeting recently and how it had helped in developing understanding between the various faith groups of the area. The subject of the meeting was Unity in Diversity and the work of the Mission in this regard. Sister Baljit Kamal of the Oxford Branch (UK) also illustrated here the benefits the Mission had reaped in her community, by working with the Multi Faith Network. To end this section, Brother David Dhanoa commented on the establishment of the Toronto Interfaith Council and the instrumental role the Mission played in it. This was extremely inspiring to note that the Mission lies in the foundation of this initiative.

Part 2 of the Satsang focused on the English Samagam Culture and its impact in presenting the work of the Mission in the West. The contributors in this section including Anjana Nayar (Ludhiana), Jagjit Khambe (UK), Dave Lashar (Canada) shared their thoughts on the English Samagam format, speaker content, processes and procedures which made this part extremely informative. To conclude the Satsang, Dr Bobby Sura talked about the recently established Western Prachar Steering Group in the UK to highlight the message of the Mission.

Baba Hardev Ji in a discourse talked about how one candle lit in the dark provides light for its immediate environment and also has the potential to ignite other candles. The organisers of this initiative have based this thought in the foundation of the Tele-Satsang. The purpose of the Satsang was to inform devotees that if a candle has been lit in one area of the globe to promote universal brotherhood through events and activities, then this is possible in other areas too. It is pleasing to note that a number of people have been inspired to act and work to creating Harmony in their communities as a result. This is the grace of His Holiness Baba ji that the whole Nirankari Community across the globe is able to link together in this way to establish Unity. It is noted that over 400 people were connected to this Satsang and we can only hope that this movement continues and such exciting initiatives using modern technology continue to have Global reach.