Monday, February 5, 2007

Efforts by Youth

Youth conference in Tracy, CA ended successfully after two days which were full of spirituality, blissfulness and fun. Youth were awakened and energized. Tremendous flow of energy and devotional spirit had no other way but to flow among the attendees, the amount of energy was multiplied as many times as the number of saints. Praying in holy feet of the True Master all the youth agreed to keep the good work going and to contribute for the noble cause of volunteering as desired by Lord master.

The aim was to get Eternal happiness for ALL, for those who are already connected with GOD and for those who are yet to find their final destination, for all the people from all countries and cultures having tremendous diversity, for all the people having different spiritual faiths, beliefs, for all the souls which are part of the super soul.

Long after the youth conference in CA is over, but Youth from various parts of northern america are still connected. It didn't take much time for youth to start learning from each others' efforts on local level. Collective learning effort of youth saints is helpful to quickly spread noble ideas and messages from one corner of world to all. Youth with the guidance of true master and devoted senior saints on local level should improve their participation to volunteer for the social and charitable interests of the Sant Nirankari Mission along with Spiritual essence.

In September-October 2006, youth from various branches of USA got together in groups of 5-7 and started setting up conference calls on weekly basis. The weekly discussions kept converging from general spiritual and devotional discussions to specific topics like,
* Nirankari Mission - Not a Religion.
* Spirituality and Religion.
* Importance of touching feet of saints and Dhan Nirankar (Greeting others by praising 'God is great').
* Spreading Mission's message to our friends, neighbors and colleagues.
* Bridging generation gap.
* Mission's literature.
* Suggestions from various youth saints for Mission's new branch
* Public relations and social activities in various branches.
* Improving communications and co-ordinating efforts between saints from various countries.

The discussions also kept diverging on topics like,
* Involvement of People from one nationality -> to consideration and accommodation of people from various nationalities and cultures.
* Use of regional languages (Hindi, Punjabi) -> to Adoption of English and or other National Languages (French, Spanish, German etc.) as suitable to people of those countries.
* Participation and volunteer services from only senior saints -> to better involvement of youth and ways to support our elders.
* Traditional ways of prayer -> to more acceptable, comfortable ways of spiritual gathering as convenient for western cultures and people.

The tele-conference is held every week on saturday evenings (PST), to know more about it or to join the tele-conference, please send your name, contact number and city to