Monday, February 5, 2007

Initiatives for Youth

Youth is said to be the backbone of any culture, nation on which the future relies. If the youth is guided well and the their energy channelized in right direction wonders can happen.

Today, His Holiness Satguru Baba Hardev Singh Ji Maharaj, the true master of the time is putting efforts continuously to unite and guide the youth on spiritual path.

First Youth Conference and Congregation of USA - Michigan, September 2005
With Nirankari Baba Ji's blessings the youth of the Mission gathered from various states of eastern parts of north america for a two day conference and congregation. Though primitive but important foundation was laid down to involve and encourage the youth. Various candid questions and issues raised by youth were clearly answered by a panel of experienced and devoted seniors. God knowledge was revised to all the youth. Second day was marked by prayers and spiritual thoughts shared by youth.

Second Youth Conference and Congregation of USA - Tracy, California, August 2006 more than hundred youth from USA and Canada took active part in the two day conference, congregation. The topic of the conference was PEACE NOT PIECES.

Key presentations were,
Bridging the Generation Gap
Use of Internet in Today’s Society
Mission Literature-Availability and Use
Sant Nirankari Mission in North America
Youth helping Youth
Spirituality and Nirankari Mission
Essay Writing Topic ‘Peace not Pieces’

More details can be found on Nirankari Journal, Youth Conference 2006 Issue